The AML procedure is aimed at combating money laundering on a global scale and the financing of terrorist organizations. Our team takes all necessary measures to ensure security during the exchange of digital assets. We do not allow individuals and legal entities to enter the site without preliminary and multi-level verification. Only people with an impeccable business reputation perform exchange operations here on a daily basis.

To eliminate the possibility of fraud, sellers and buyers follow identity verification procedures. The site administration requires users to send:

  1. A snapshot of an open foreign passport.
  2. Government identification card.
  3. Utility bill or bank statement. The documents must be issued within the last 6 months, paper and electronic versions are suitable.
  4. Driver"s license.
  5. Photo of a credit card.
  6. A snapshot of a printed handwritten declaration.

The last specified document is required when users perform transactions with large amounts. Additionally, you will need to take and then send a selfie with ID and credit card. Only high quality and readable documents are accepted for consideration. You will not be able to verify your identity if you submit fuzzy images with blurry text. It is strictly forbidden to make changes to the papers and deliberately distort accurate information. In this case, the request will be guaranteed to be rejected, and the administration will ask you to repeat the procedure. You will have to submit the previously listed documents again to gain access to all the functions of the site. The administration is loyal to people who accidentally made a mistake, or inattentively read the rules during registration. You can always report a problem and quickly find a way to solve it. Only criminals and persons involved in money laundering should be feared.

AML check is a complex procedure and preventive measure. During personal identification, documents issued by state authorities are used. The administration trusts only information obtained from reliable sources. The previously listed documents are difficult to forge and correct to mislead. Signatures, numbers with a certain sequence of numbers, photographs and seals do not allow you to hide your identity. In addition, information about the owner of the credit card is stored in open databases of tax authorities.

During a multi-stage check, experts try to find the full name in the consolidated "black list" of the European Union. Officials in Brussels regularly impose sanctions on individuals and legal entities for a variety of violations. Our company is prohibited from any form of cooperation with businessmen who are included in the "black lists". We only work with responsible and law-abiding citizens. You will not be able to carry out transactions with valuable assets if you provide false or incomplete information. An attempt to hide updated data is considered a gross violation of the rules and is punishable by instant account blocking. If signs of fraud are detected, company representatives interrupt cooperation and then contact law enforcement agencies. The perpetrators receive the punishment they deserve, taking into account the gravity of the crime committed.

Our team is not limited to one-time inspections. All clients are monitored around the clock to identify possible violations. Attention is drawn to non-standard transactions with valuable assets. The owners of the website have the right to stop transactions at any stage in the event of a hidden threat. Further verification is carried out taking into account the recommendations of the international organization FATF.

Information about completed transactions with digital assets is archived. Law enforcement agencies are only able to access the database upon presentation of an official request or a court decision.

Our team can organize an extended check according to international methods at any time. During the procedure, risks are assessed and the activity of a suspicious client is analyzed. At the slightest danger, dubious transactions are blocked and digital assets are frozen. It is forbidden to attend here persons who are related to mafia syndicates, terrorist organizations and money laundering. does not contact previously convicted businessmen for economic crimes. Clients are required to report the source of the profit. If they earn money in any illegal way, the business relationship is terminated.

Accounts of violators are deleted by the administration of the site for attempts to impersonate another person. We are obliged to report the actions of intruders to the competent authorities. When detecting signs of fraud, our employees give the police the names, email addresses and other contact details of people.

When a person is unable to demonstrate a source of income, they may come under suspicion. He will be pursued for a long time by law enforcement agencies, who seek to block bank accounts and seize property. An attempt to mislead the site administration may result in a court verdict.

Experienced criminals always find non-standard ways to circumvent restrictions, so periodically updates its electronic system to increase the level of security. Constant and high-quality work allows respectable customers not to worry during transactions with digital currencies. In the event of new methods of combating intruders, the management always organizes trainings for personnel with the invitation of experts. Methods of counteraction against persons who try to launder money are being improved every year.

How contributes to the fight against terrorism and crime

During a due diligence, we receive a large amount of information. The task is greatly simplified by European, American and other databases that list known attackers. Monthly government reports and international sanctions lists are beneficial. The administration chooses the appropriate method of verification, and then asks to demonstrate the package of documents. We reserve the right to request additional information at any time. All completed transactions are carefully analyzed to identify possible manipulations.

Customers are notified that they have violated local laws or international regulations prior to checking their account. The duration of the procedure depends on the specifics of a particular case. When minor deficiencies are identified, clients are given time to update the information. If they categorically refuse to comply with the requirements, the account is blocked without the right to restore. The administration writes a statement at the place of residence of the person who was involved in the manipulation. Deception and manipulation of information during verification can lead to proceedings and imprisonment.

Only respectable citizens have no cause for concern. They register quickly and carry out transactions with digital assets 24/7. If you have any questions or difficulties, qualified consultants come to the rescue.

What obligations do all clients assume?

  1. Before using the website, I confirm that I am not a high-ranking official and a prominent figure in my country. I have no close people who have a great influence on political processes. This is a prerequisite. Close people include brothers, sisters, grandmothers, grandfathers, nephews and people with whom you constantly cohabit.
  2. I confirm that I am the owner (beneficiary) of the company or the owner of valuable assets.
  3. When performing operations, I will act only on my own behalf. I am not going to represent the interests of businessmen or groups of persons. If the situation changes, I will definitely send a written notification to the manager by e-mail [email protected] as soon as possible.
  4. I promise to use service for lawful purposes only. I have nothing to do with cybercrime, fraud with real estate, the organization of illegal migration, the distribution of child pornography, drug trafficking, endangered exotic animals, weapons and ammunition. My activity is not aimed at supporting religious radicals, smugglers, neo-Nazis, pedophiles, hackers and various asocial elements.

The owners of the service remind customers to study the provisions of local laws before starting work. For example, regulatory authorities can severely punish a businessman for organizing gambling in the absence of a license. If slots and roulettes are prohibited by law in your country, we will not allow the owner of a gambling establishment to use the service.

All prospective clients are required to confirm that they are not involved in filming obscene adult films and videos that promote violence, call for war, insult people on racial grounds, and incite hatred among various social groups and religious denominations.