60cek Exchanger Affiliate Program

Dear customers, we invite you to participate in our referral program and receive additional income. Each user who has invited a new client for cooperation receives the percentage of profit of the exchange service 60cek.net listed below. In addition, revenue is accrued for users attracted by a referral.

Referral rewards to our partners are accrued according to the following scheme:

0.6% of the total amount of successfully processed applications of first-level referrals, that is, customers invited directly by the user.
0.2% of the total amount of successfully processed user requests invited by a referral.
The fee is not charged for exchange operations for which the service does not receive a profit. Such operations mean exchange operations with a surcharge from our service. Also, referral rewards will be accrued only to those users who invited at least 5 people through their referral link and each of them made at least one successful application on the website 60cek.net. To start cooperating with us as a partner, you need to register. After completing registration, you will receive access to your personal account. At the e-mail specified during registration, details will also be sent to enter the office. All advertising products and other promotional materials can be found in your account in the Affiliate Program section. A lot of advertising banners of different sizes have been prepared for our partners, which you can use on your resource to attract new users.
-Placing advertising materials of the 60cek.net service on hypes, pyramids, axle boxes and similar resources is prohibited by the administration of our exchanger. We kindly request to comply with this rule in order to avoid blocking the affiliate account. Thanks for your understanding.
-A referral reward is paid between 24 and 48 hours
-Use of an affiliate link for the purpose of mercenary exploitation of a referral reward program is strictly prohibited! The client’s account, which will be suspected of the “invitation and referral same person” scheme, will be blocked and canceled.

Cumulative discount system:

Our website also has a cumulative system of discounts for our customers. The size of the discount depends on the volume of successful exchanges. Moreover, all payments made by a specific user will be taken into account. Each newcomer, having registered on our online exchange site 60cek.net , automatically receives a discount of 0.05%. To calculate the discount, you need to log in to the site before the start of the exchange - this is a discount on the total amount of the application, that is, if you exchange 100 thousand rubles, then the discount on the first exchange after registration will be 50 rubles. Subsequently, its size grows as the volume of successfully completed exchanges increases. You can see information about the criteria for its increase in the table below:
From Up to  Percent 
0 300 0.05%
300 500 0.06%
500 1000 0.07%
1000 2000 0.08%
2000 3000 0.09%
3000 5000 0.1%
5000 10000 0.11%
10000 20000 0.12%
20000 40,000 0.15%
40,000  ∞ Personal Discount

* All settlements within the framework of the funded system are carried out exclusively in US dollars.