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Our service provides an additional and pleasant Bonus: Coupon. What is this? Each client can receive a coupon after a successfully processed application, but provided that the service does not incur losses from the exchange itself. The coupon can be obtained when sending to electronic mailboxes on the eve of any holidays or discounts established by the service. The coupon provides you with an additional discount on the exchange, which is combined with the discount you have already accumulated during exchange operations ..
Dear customer, the number of fraudsters on the Internet is growing every day. In order to eliminate fraudulent activities and our own security, we are forced to use the verification system of your bank card. The only reason to check this procedure that you really are the holder of this bank card and at the given time it is the card holder who is going to make the exchange transaction on our website, agreeing to the exchange rules and information windows. Each new bank card requires uetsya check once again undergo verification process for this card do not need How to pass the test card The procedure is simple: ..
Our service provides a discount system for customers. 1. Cumulative discount system Each registered customer receives automatically a 0.05% discount ..
What if I send Bitcoin Cash to Bitcoin / Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash? Instruction manualWhat if I sent Ethereum to Ethereum Classic / Ethereum Classic on Ethereum? Instruction manualEveryone who uses cryptocurrencies is at risk, because transactions are irreversible - this is no secret to anyone. And one of the problems that token holders periodically encounter is the transfer of their assets to a wallet designed for a completely different cryptocurrency. How did it happen that different cryptocurrencies have an absolutely identical wallet address format? How to get my money back? Let"s figure it out.To understand why it is impossible to send, say, Zcash to Dash, and Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash and vice versa - you can - let"s turn to the history of cryptocurrencies ..
If you joined the ranks of users who made a mistake when transferring their tokens, replenishing the wallet of another cryptocurrency, do not despair. You can return your money, and this article will help you with this. The sequence of actions for returning your assets depends on where your wallet is located. If the address of your exchange or any service was indicated in the transfer, you must contact technical support, describing in detail your problem ..
If you sent Bitcoin Cash to Bitcoin in the first place, do not panic. This happened to many users, but few know how to get their money back. So, it all depends on where you store your cryptocurrency. If the address to which the tokens were transferred is located on a stock exchange or other service (for example, exchange), then they cannot be returned otherwise than contacting technical support, describing in detail what happened, what address was used and how much was transferred ..
Economic and financial publications and the online press are full of discussions about the Bitcoin phenomenon. Particularly heated debate is over frequent changes in the exchange rate of the first cryptocurrency, the scale of which is sometimes simply impressive. Let"s try to understand the reasons for the sharp change in the price of Bitcoin.Experts identify several factors that affect the value of cryptocurrency ..
The question of how to safely store Bitcoins does not lose relevance. Most users have traditionally placed digital wallets on online services. But we should not forget about the risks associated with choosing this option. After all, it is impossible to exclude a hacker attack on the platform ..
Most people who first encountered the cryptocurrency phenomenon wonder how Bitcoin works. It cannot be said that there is no information on the subject on the Internet, but most of it is of a complex technical nature. Let’s try to popularly explain the essence of the system. Bitcoin: how did it appear, what is it and what is its value? Bitcoin is both a digital currency and an electronic payment system through which transactions are made ..
The safety of cryptocurrencies, one of the important challenges of the Bitcoin community. The article will focus on resources offering online virtual storage services. There are many ways to securely store Bitcoins using online services, and each of them has unique characteristics. Some of them will be convenient, the second is much faster, while the third practically guarantees the security of the stored cryptocurrency ..
Dear users, depending on the direction and number of applications, the average processing time is 5-15 minutes after receipt of payment from you.However, it is worth paying attention that this time is indicated with the best development of events. The following factors may affect the processing of applications:1. After payment, do not forget to click the "I paid" button, since the application arrives for processing after it is pressed, until it is activated, we simply will not see your exchange request ..
Money changed as civilization developed, until mankind settled on paper notes and metal coins. But with the advent of information technology, a hitherto unknown phenomenon in the form of cryptocurrency has arisen. Bitcoin does not have a physical embodiment, but at the same time it is successfully used to make payments on the global web.Today, the market capitalization of the first digital currency has exceeded a record high of $ 15 billion ..
Very often, people wonder how and where to create a bitcoin wallet. It is obvious that only a virtual wallet is suitable for storing digital coins that do not have material embodiment. There are several ways to create a Bitcoin wallet: Install a special program on a PC or mobile gadget. Use the services of a third-party platform ..
If you are making an exchange for the first time, then you may have a legitimate question - "Can I trust this exchanger?"Dear users! This site is designed to provide quality currency exchange services. To check any site on the Internet, first of all, it is advisable to fill in the Google search phrase in this way - "Site name - reviews." In our case, it is "60cek reviews". Thus, you can verify the reputation of any site ..
Registration on our website is not a prerequisite for the exchange. However, right after registration you are given an initial exchange discount of 0.05%. Subsequently, after several applications, this value will increase and all exchanges will become more profitable for you ..
Such a request leads into a dead end inexperienced PC users. In fact, there is nothing complicated in this process. So how do you clear cookies and cache? First you need to decide what is meant by these terms. So, cookies are small-sized files received from the server in response to a user request ..
To move Bitcoins from the old owner to the new one, you need to receive confirmation from the network. Without this, the user will not be able to dispose of coins that are formally considered his property.Immediately after the operation with the cryptocurrency, data about it is sent to the network to carry out the corresponding transaction. This information is to be included in the block, due to which it acquires legitimacy for all participants in the system ..
At the moment, given the state of the network, there are several reasons for the delay in Bitcoin transactions:• Explicit congestion of the blockchain network. Unfortunately, the brilliant creator of the digital currency Satoshi Nakamoto did not foresee such volumes of Bitcoin popularity, therefore, numerous requests for transfers may be delayed. The banal workload of the system, based on the blockchain platform, leads to the fact that users are forced to wait in line when sending a financial transaction.• The primary and so far standard block size is 1 MB ..
There are situations when the exchange does not take place or the funds do not arrive, in this case, you should write to us in the round-the-clock online chat, which is located in the lower right corner, and our operators will check for what reason the application payment was delayed. This may be due to incorrect details or inoperability of the payment system and other circumstances. In any case, our specialists will be able to quickly find a solution to the problem or give the necessary instructions to resolve it. ..
Your order has been deleted and you do not know why? What to do in this case?Exchange orders are deleted only if payment is not received from you. Perhaps you yourself have delayed the transfer for a considerable time, or the bank has made the payment too long - the transfer is at your request. Such situations in payment systems and banks happen quite often and this can happen with each user. Nothing terrible happened ..