DeFi Insurance InsurAce Guarantees 11 Million Payouts To Anyone Who Lost Funds From Terra Fall

DeFi insurance service InsurAce announced that it will reduce the period for considering claims from participants in crypto-currency activities that w...

UnionBank issues digital bonds for the first time in the Philippines

The largest Philippine bank, UnionBank, uses a blockchain system to produce $18 million worth of valuable assets. It uses blockchain to deposit fiat f...

Digital yuan begins testing procedure in Chinese schools

The Land of the Rising Sun has launched an active test of the yuan in digital format, which looks like a prepaid card for schools. This was reported i...

Security Service of Ukraine covered the network of unregistered cryptocurrency exchange services

In May 2021, another operation of the Security Service of Ukraine took place. In the course of its implementation, a whole network of illegal undergro...

51% attack and what threatens crypto investors?

Decentralization is at the heart of most projects in the cryptocurrency market. However, blockchain, like other technologies, exists with some flaws. ...

China plans to check the consumption of electricity by miners

An audit is planned in Beijing to reveal the impact of cryptocurrency mining on energy consumption. In particular, the Bureau of Economic and IT Techn...

New service for the resumption of stuck operations implemented by the Ethereum system

Blockchain Startup Rockside, located in Paris, demonstrated new software with a free version, with which it is possible to free mempool from operation...

With the help of the Bitcoin payment system, an operation was made for a total amount of $ 1.3 billion

In just two minutes on the night of June 11, 2020, an unknown user performed an operation to move bitcoins in the amount of 132,255, which in the equi...

Ripple Money Transfers Surge in Europe

In European countries, the number of remittances involving the Ripple platform and the ODL (On-Demand Liquidity) payment system has increased dramatic...

The Simpsons talked about Blockchain

The screenwriters of the beloved animated series The Simpsons have created an entire episode dedicated to cryptocurrency.

Ethereum developers want to activate ProgPoW code in July

Crypto Briefing reported that the creators of Ethereum have agreed to activate the ProgPoW code.

Cardano network has OBFT hard fork

Cardano creators talk about successful split Ouroboros Byzantine Fault-Tolerant

Korea Stock Exchange Caused Bitcoin Price Drop

According to statistics for 7 days, Bitcoin owners lost more than $ 40 billion. The BTC pulled other assets as well. Experts attribute the drop in val...

Binance Coin fell twice. Investment prospects

Binance exchange shows a positive development. A good reputation makes Binance Coin a promising and attractive coin. Indicators for September 28, expe...

North Korea develops its own cryptocurrency

North Korea will have its own cryptocurrency, its cost and benefits. How did North Korea circumvent U.S. sanctions with crypto? Features bitcoin mixer...

Bitcoin Cash collapsed in half in 2 months

Decrease in value and capitalization of Bitcoin Cash in 60 days. Recent quotes. Change in price. Growth prospects. What is the difference from the mai...

China plans to outshine Bitcoin with its cryptocurrency

China began fighting cryptocurrencies in 2013. Why does the country need its own token? What will it be called? How much will it cost? Will the coin b...

Litecoin creator predicts cryptocurrency market destabilization

Recommendations for users from the creator of Litecoin Charlie Lee. Features and prospects of cryptocurrency. What will happen to the course? Forecast...

Results of the Consensus 2019 - a key event in the cryptocurrency world

The Consensus 2019 was attended by many large IT companies. The plans of the conference participants. Presentation of the new NEO 3.0 blockchain. Anno...

Investing in Bitcoin in 2019

What is the cryptocurrency market preparing for? A series of news that an ordinary and experienced trader missed. They will definitely affect your dec...