Litecoin creator predicts cryptocurrency market destabilization

Date of publication: 2019-07-10

This is not the first time that the creator of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, has warned traders that changes will occur in the cryptocurrency market. Last time, he said that there will be a decline in electronic money quotes. And so it happened: Litecoin and other digital assets fell in price by almost 90 percentage points.

Charlie Lee warned about a possible cryptocurrency depreciation

Charlie Lee is convinced that virtual money carries significant risks. He saw how many markets fell, and quotes fell by more than 90%. With a drop in prices, the most insecure investors exit the game. Those who bought Litecoin cheaply, after which it rose in price, were able to earn. But if a trader bought a coin for $ 200, and sold for $ 20, he lost 90% of his portfolio.

The expert advised against buying LTC and other tokens if a person cannot survive their fall by more than 90%. Lee emphasized that after reducing the reward by 2 times for token miners, the issue of blocks will slow down within a 7-day period. After a week, the blockchain will be able to return to normal operation.

People want to see how the price of crypto rises, so they invest money in it. The price goes up when large investors and firms come into play. At the beginning of 2019, the Litecoin rate rose to $ 120 per coin. In June, the coin cost $ 140, after which there was a decrease in value. The maximum exchange rate was $ 375 per unit in December 2017. Minimum quotes were within 1.11 dollars.

As of July 9, 2019, the cost of Litecoin stopped at $ 123.5 per unit. Since June 24, the rate has fallen by 13%. Two weeks ago, the token could be purchased for $ 142.

The second most important cryptocurrency is Litecoin.

Almost every Litecoin exchanger implements and buys. This is due to the popularity of the digital asset. Litecoin is called “silver” when compared to Bitcoin. Initially, the coin was issued as an analogue of the MTC. The system for making payments over time has become an independent project.

Litecoin has been competing with Bitcoin for a long time. It has its own characteristics:

  • perspectives;
  • flexibility;
  • progressiveness.

A virtual resource is accessed on almost all exchanges in different countries. Developers improve code, algorithms. Much attention is paid to capitalization and other points. Distinctive features of the currency: a certain number of tokens (84 million), limited issue (21 million coins), calculations are generated 4 times higher than Bitcoin. The platform is protected from "double costs". The network eliminates outside hackers and scammers. For the execution of contracts do not need third parties and organizations.

Purchase and storage of Litecoin

Litecoin can be ordered on any exchange. It is worth choosing a proven site to avoid cheating and take advantage of the minimum fees. Most often, the purchase of currency is carried out on the official OKEx website. You can buy it for another crypt. Slightly lower trading revolutions on the Hobby.

LTC sells over 300 exchanges. Binance platform sells about 15% of tokens from the total. Only some online resources allow you to buy a crypto for Euro or Ethereum. You can store purchased coins on the exchange or in another official wallet. Analysts do not recommend storing Litecoin on sites, as fraudsters can take advantage of this and appropriate funds.

Hardware and cold wallets are in demand. They are even downloaded to gadgets, so they are easy to use, they are always at hand.

Earn Lightcoin can a trader through mining. The resulting coins can be realized on the exchange. Extraction takes place using a processor and video cards. Interest may currency miners with industrial large farms.

Litecoin Prospects

Although Litecoin is currently a low price, many experts are convinced that it will rise soon. Crypt quotes are falling slightly due to the appearance of new coins that try to “drag the blanket over themselves”. There is a symbiosis of blockchains, so Litecoin is losing its position a little.

There is much competition from decentralized networks. Startups are produced useful and in demand. Litecoin could not cope with some other cryptocurrencies, but is still popular.

The growth prospects for the course are optimistic. Every day, the payment system is developing and getting better. On the forums, with the help of advertising and other methods, Litecoin is promoted and interested investors.

Cryptocurrency uses a script. The option is responsible for key generation; therefore, equipment with a large amount of memory is used. The generation time does not exceed 3 minutes. Electronic wallet encryption protects users from hacker attacks.

Cryptocurrency rate: what will happen to it?

Quotes of coins have a difficult history. Initially, the cost of LTC was within a few dollars. The course in 2013 was destabilized, and the price tag rose 100%. Three years ago, the cost of the token was approximately 3 (± 0.5) [1] USD. Quotes experienced ups and downs. In 2017, the coin has risen to a new level. The creator of the currency noted that when it rose to $ 300, he decided to sell coins.

Litecoin"s prospects are compelling. When the new protocol was introduced, the value of coins increased. Transactions began to be completed in a short period of time, and managed to attract new investors and large companies.

Since yesterday, the rate has fallen by almost 3%. The price of lightcoin is 120 [2] dollars. Capitalization in the range of 7.5 billion USD. Since the beginning of the year, Litecoin has grown by 300%, which is even higher than Bitcoin.


  • at the end of 2019, the rate will rise to 80-90 dollars;
  • at the beginning of 2020, quotes will be in the range of 85-120 dollars;
  • in mid-2020, 1 Litecoin coin will be sold for 110-130 dollars.

Many experts note that the currency will rise in price due to the reliability of the wallet. At the end of next year, the exchange rate can reach $ 150 if positive events occur in the cryptocurrency market.

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