What if I sent Ethereum to Ethereum Classic / Ethereum Classic on Ethereum? Instruction

If you joined the ranks of users who made a mistake when transferring their tokens, replenishing the wallet of another cryptocurrency, do not despair. You can return your money, and this article will help you with this.

The sequence of actions for returning your assets depends on where your wallet is located. If the address of your exchange or any service was indicated in the transfer, you must contact technical support, describing in detail your problem. Please note that not every technical support will undertake to help you in this matter.

If the address is on a cold or online wallet, then it all depends on your actions. If you sent Ethereum to Ethereum Classic , you need to get a 12-word seed phrase in your wallet for recovery wallet. We will use it to gain access to tokens. To do this, you need to use a cold or online wallet for Ethereum, for example, MyEtherWallet. The following combination of actions will be described just for this wallet.

Click the Send Ether Tokens tab and select Mnemonic Phrase. In the field that appears, enter 12 words from your seed phrase. On the page that opens, you will see the address of your wallet, its balance and fields for entering the address and amount for the transfer. Now you can make a transaction of your tokens to another address and exchange them on our website for the currency of your interest.

If you sent Ethereum Classic to Ethereum , follow the same procedure, but you need to use it as a wallet ClassicEtherWallet service. It is identical to MyEtherWallet, but designed for Ethereum Classic.