What if I send Bitcoin Cash to Bitcoin / Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash?

If you sent Bitcoin Cash to Bitcoin in the first place, do not panic. This happened to many users, but few know how to get their money back.

So, it all depends on where you store your cryptocurrency. If the address to which the tokens were transferred is located on a stock exchange or other service (for example, exchange), then they cannot be returned otherwise than contacting technical support, describing in detail what happened, what address was used and how much was transferred . But keep in mind that you can return your money only if the technical support of the exchange / service helps users solve this problem, as some may refuse.

If your address is located on a personal wallet (cold or on an online service), then everything is in your hands. To restore access to tokens, you need to use the so-called seed secret phrase, consisting of 12 words. If you have not received it yet, you must export it from your wallet. Do not forget to withdraw your BTC, if any, to another wallet.

Then you need to install the Electron Cash software wallet, designed for Bitcoin Cash, and, having launched it, restore your wallet. To do this, do the following combination: click Create / Restore Enter the name of the wallet (or leave the standard one) Next Standart Wallet I already have a seed Enter your 12 words (seed phrase). Wait for synchronization and you will see your balance. Now you can transfer your BCH to the exchange, or, for example, exchange on our site the currency of interest to you .

If you sent Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash , then you will need to perform identical actions, with the only the difference is that instead of an Electron Cash wallet, an Electrum wallet is used. Electron Cash is a fork of the Electrum wallet, so even a combination of actions will be the same as described.